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Statement of Faith

I believe the way to the Kingdom of God

is the path of peace

and the path is open to all who wish to travel it

I believe it is awe-inspiring

I believe the way of peace is traveled by

Loving your neighbour as you would love yourself

and seeing divine goodness in every creature

I believe it is marvellous

I believe everything that is worth knowing about the Kingdom of God

Can be understood by the average child

And is hard to grasp by the average adult

I believe that it is delightful

I believe The Kingdom of God

Is easier reached by the brokenhearted, the oppressed, and the stigmatized

and often exists beyond the imagination of those insulated by their wealth and privilege

I believe it is mysterious

I believe the Father, Son and Holy Spirit dance

and it is divine dance which created the rhythm of human hearts

which beat for community and intimacy

I believe it is liberating

I believe more exists than what we can see

I believe in Spirit

I believe in body

I believe it is bigger

I believe in the sacred duty to care for the earth

and all who dwell on it, above it,

and in it

I believe it is work

I believe that God is unknowable

and that any attempt to contain her to a statement of a few lines

makes him giggle

I believe it is more

I believe that Statements of Faith are silly

and that learning the dance is not

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