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Parent teacher surprise

Updated: Apr 11, 2020


Tonight we went to parent teacher night. Now for you non-parents out there, here's a secret...getting called in to see the teacher ALWAYS feels like you're in trouble. Even if you're an adult. And don't go to school. And its 100% about your kids and not about you.

Doesn't. Matter.

So we go in, hoping the teacher isn't going get mad at us for not doing our homework or acting up in class, and she lays THIS doozy on us. "Your daughter has been begging for homework everyday. She has used all the worksheets I have, so I've been just printing stuff off from the internet and giving it to her to take home. I want you to know that I don't assign a lot of homework and its all bonus because she is so eager."

I'm there, trying to stop my melting heart from sloshing onto the floor, and my husband just smiles, shakes his head and says "What a little twerp."

Here's why.

Our daughter has only lived with us for a month and a half. We are in full attachment/adjustment/awkward/grief/excited mode and she LOVES her new dad. Every day she comes home and says "I have SOOO much homework! Can you help me dad?" And they sit at the kitchen table and do math problems together for an hour.

Every. Night.

I can't even.

Sigh. Those two wreck me.

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