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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I found a broken cup in her laundry basket. I wasn't snooping. She had lost her headphones, couldn't find them for a week. She was planning on buying a new pair after school and I had a sneaking suspicion that they were in her room. "Did you look there?" I had pointed to the massive pile of clean/dirty clothes in the closet. "Yes I have! They're not there!"

So after dropping her off at school I did my own looking. Guess what was right on top?

I found two pairs of headphones in her laundry basket that day...

...and one broken cup.

I walked into the kitchen and put the headphones and the glass on the counter. "She doesn't trust us yet." I told my husband. He eyed the broken pieces and wisely replied "Its only been a month."

A few weeks later, at bed time, I moved a pillow she had placed on the floor beside her bed, to reveal a huge stain on the carpet. She looked at me, worried, watching my reaction closely. "Oh look at that!" I said excitedly. "I can see if my new stain remover works!" She watched me cautiously as I sprayed and scrubbed happily.

I walked into the kitchen and put the stain remover on the counter. "She doesn't trust us yet." I told my husband. "Its only been two months." he wisely replied.

A few days ago we were driving in the car. The music was playing and conversation had lapsed into a comfortable silence. She suddenly turned to me and said "You guys don't really get mad ever." I chuckled. "Not often. We are pretty chill parents." She smiled and changed the radio station, "Ya. You ARE pretty chill parents."

When we got home she went to play with the dog and I walked into the kitchen and put my keys on the counter. "She's starting to trust us." I told my husband. We smiled.

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