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Found her on the couch

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I was tucking her into bed and she stared setting her alarm for 6am. I pled with her "Why? Why would you do that? Please just sleep. You need your sleep." She responded with "Well dad is working night shift, so I want to see him when he comes home." I tried again. "Sweetheart, you would only see him for a moment and then he goes straight to bed. You can see him after school and actually spend time with him. Please sleep in."

Then she does it.

She hits me with those big bambi eyes and says, "Well its just...I've never had a dad like him before."

Me = dead.

I could post 10,000 photos I have of her asleep on the couch, on top of the dog, in the living room, waiting for her dad to get home so she can see him for a moment... but I'll just post these three to save time.

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