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Bad Theology Kills- Healthy Decision Making Debate

"I just really think God is saying that my idea is the best idea." -Something that is heard too often in church decision making rooms

If you've been in christian ministry then you've been in a meeting where something was being discussed and debated and someone interrupted and brought it all to halt with the trump card "I really just feel like God is saying ____."

The problem with that move, is that suddenly everyone else in the room can't argue against you without blatantly and publicly questioning either your honesty or your ability to hear the voice of God.

So, everyone being polite and not wanting to humiliate the person by questioning their ability to hear from God, just shuts up and accepts the spiritual/emotional corner they have been backed into.

Except sometimes.

Because sometimes, just because that thinly veiled power move pisses me off, sometimes I say "Well I was praying and God told me (insert the exact opposite here.)"

But that's really if I'm just in a pissy mood with no time for blasphemy.

Saying "I heard God say." is often used as a power move to spiritually manipulate an individual or a group.

Its gross.

Its actually "taking the Lords name in vain" for real.

Its used to damage.

Its used to manipulate.

Its used to shut down healthy decision making debate.

Its annoying.

But here's the thing...

...sometimes God DOES speak.

Sometimes God DOES give direction through people that He whispers to.

Like when my husband and I both separately heard God tell us that there was a waiting child out there somewhere and we were to adopt them into our family. (Nervously one night I told him what I thought God had said. He responded with a groan saying "Oh noooo! Me too!")

So what do we do? Never tell people when we think we hear from God? No.

I just think we should be extremely careful and aware of the consequences when we do.

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