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Bad Theology Kills- People With Depression

"I feel amazing! Best I can ever remember feeling. I said "F@#& God" and started anti-depressants. My whole world has changed. I'm actually happy!" -My friend who after 20 years of depression finally started medication.

Now this might be shocking and weird for those who aren't a part of the christian world but when I say we christians have stigma towards depression I mean we have STIGMA towards depression. Toxic-theology-induced, hyper-charismania-driven, shame-riddled-judgement that dances to the tune of "God is my strength."

Taking anti-depressants is often regarded as a lack of faith and dependance on God.

Because why go to a doctor and take meds when God is supposed to be your strength?

Phillipians says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." A wonderful passage meant to be a testament to God's sustaining power. When mishandled however, this God-glorifying passage is used as a measuring stick for a person's spiritual achievement.

When my friend made the brave choice to go to the doctor and ask for help with his depression, it was a monumental decision because it felt like he was stepping away from God Himself. Asking help from a doctor meant giving up on God.

He's now an atheist and the happiest he's ever been.

I'm happy for him.

And sad.

I'm sad that getting healthy meant he had to walk away from God altogether. That should have never been the choice he was presented with.

I'm sad that toxic-theology held the keys to his depression cage for 20 years.

He's a big part of the reason I wanted to write this Bad Theology Kills series.

Because it almost did.


When discussing this with a friend and fellow theology nerd, he said this:

"I remember a conversation with the abbot of a monastery. He’s seen many people move toward Atheism in his many years and he said that sometimes that move can be an act of faith in that it’s rejecting a false God."

That hit home.

Its why I was so genuinely happy for my friend when they told me they walked away from God. I was happy because I knew they didn't know the real God anyways.


May we all walk away from the false Gods that have been presented to us, that we may be freed to find Jesus.

The one who offers peace and healing.

The one who calls to each of us in love.

The one who frees the captives.

The one who brings dignity to the downtrodden.

The one who restores and builds up.

The one who would never keep his children locked in shame filled cages.

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