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bold words from a secret coward

#adoption #fostercare #teenadoption #justice #gospel #mom #poetry #bosslady

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What devotion looks like

I realized that their "daily devotions" were causing them to be crappy people.

The look it comes.

The tent

We only had a few minutes to pack up her things....she grabbed the tent.


"We should get placebo pills..."


I found a broken cup in her laundry basket. I wasn't snooping. She had lost her headphones, couldn't find them for a week. She was...

Why we leave

We made it for 10 minutes this time.

The Nightpaper

"Tag. You're it."

Found her on the couch

I was tucking her into bed and she stared setting her alarm for 6am. I pled with her "Why? Why would you do that? Please just sleep. You...


Why they lie

Call Me Mop Mom

My girls don't know which one of them this story is about. And they never will. We were all at camp playing in the ocean, having the time...


She takes the candle off the mantelpiece, Every night around 8:30. She puts it on the table and we sit, Every night around 8:30. She...

Life in Cake

“Wow, life sure has dealt them a bad piece of cake.” She told me in all seriousness. It was too cute. I didn’t correct her. I was driving...

A Thought Experiment

You are a devout religious person dedicated to love. You work tirelessly to care for the poor and lonely. Say there was a group of people...

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