bold words from a secret coward

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Bad Theology Kills- Mourners

I've had my eyes opened to how holding out hope for a miracle in the face of terminal illness can often be psychologically damaging.

It Got Normal

Now she is sassy and complains when she doesn't like what's for dinner. And its awesome.

I'm Cranky About It

"I don't want school to start up again! We were having lots of fun and now its all going to be ruined. I'm cranky about it!"

Smells Like Church

I wish all churches smelled like our church.

When you are the hope

"Oh don't worry! She is going to be fiiiine. She has you!" Sigh.


"Kids aren't supposed to be left at home alone...apparently."

This Book Is Filled With Colours

Just a wee (and slightly haunting) poem about the dangers of a literal interpretation of scripture.


I had to suppress a laugh.

Surviving the Waves

"I want to die." It was the first thing she said to me Friday morning.

What devotion looks like

I realized that their "daily devotions" were causing them to be crappy people.

The look

And..here it comes.

The tent

We only had a few minutes to pack up her things....she grabbed the tent.


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