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Bad Theology Kills- Choice

I wanted stone tablets engraved with the fingers of God to be brought down by carrier pigeons and say something like "You are to be...

Bad Theology Kills- Self Worth

Our bodies are evil. That's what I used to think. But am I originally sinful, or originally awesome?

Bad Theology Kills- Relationship

a piece on how being obsessed/preoccupied with saving people from hell is ironically often the very thing that drives people away from God.

Bad Theology Kills- Our Bodies

There is a false teaching that has pervaded the church since the very beginning that is nothing but flat out dangerous.

Bad Theology Kills- Victims

Toxic Forgiveness: Forgiving someone over and over again while allowing them to continue to harm you or others.

Bad Theology Kills- Mourners

I've had my eyes opened to how holding out hope for a miracle in the face of terminal illness can often be psychologically damaging.



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