bold words from a secret coward

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Statement of Faith

I believe the way to the Kingdom of God is the path of peace and the path is open to all who wish to travel it I believe it is...


Funny how, The strengthening process Feels like weakening. Be gracious with yourself dearest You are becoming.

Smile On Me

Creator, Smile on me in such a way That I might notice it Amen.


Knots Frayed threads Loose strings A mess Flip it over Colourful designed pattern Intricate art Beauty


Where did she learn to dance like that? Why does she keep giggling? Who is this woman? What is she smiling about? How does she know to...


left hand, clutch in left foot, gear up right hand, clutch out while left wrist twists she weaves shakily thru the orange cones at a...

Does God Sleep?

Does God Sleep? Because I don't. I toss and turn I stew and mull I fixate and ruminate Does God sleep? Because I don't I can't Its...

Reoccurring Dream

Dark Under water Running out of air Heavy Thick clothes Pulling me down Drag me further into the depths Panic water logged I kick off my...

Fail Up

Rise up Stand up Speak up Batter up ...

Bad Theology Kills- Choice

I wanted stone tablets engraved with the fingers of God to be brought down by carrier pigeons and say something like "You are to be...

Bad Theology Kills- Self Worth

Our bodies are evil. That's what I used to think. But am I originally sinful, or originally awesome?

Bad Theology Kills- Relationship

a piece on how being obsessed/preoccupied with saving people from hell is ironically often the very thing that drives people away from God.

Bad Theology Kills- Our Bodies

There is a false teaching that has pervaded the church since the very beginning that is nothing but flat out dangerous.

They Forgot His Name

They treated it as sacred. Sacred, scared Scared they didn't dare say his name

Bad Theology Kills- Victims

Toxic Forgiveness: Forgiving someone over and over again while allowing them to continue to harm you or others.


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